Spartanburg Criminal Defense Attorney

Protecting Your Future & Your Freedom

After an arrest or criminal accusation against you or your family, it is vital that you retain a knowledgeable advocate to help you seek the results you need. At The Brough Law Firm, we offer comprehensive guidance for a wide range of complex matters. We don’t take shortcuts or offer cookie-cutter solutions when your freedom is on the line.

With more than a decade of experience, you can count on our Spartanburg criminal defense lawyer to stand by your side throughout your entire case.

  • When you trust us with your case, you benefit from:
  • A higher-standard of professional care
  • An aggressive advocate who will stand up for you in court
  • Experience, professionalism, and dedication
  • The personal attention your case deserves

Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

Your first step after being charged with a criminal offense should be to contact an experienced Spartanburg criminal defense lawyer who can begin building a powerful case on your behalf. If you are facing charges, you run the risk of damaging your future opportunities by obtaining a criminal record. You can also be faced with other criminal punishments such as jail time and fees.

We handle a wide range of criminal cases, including the following:

With the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney by your side, you can have greater confidence in your case and can take comfort in the legal process. A lawyer can explain the nature of your charges, defense opportunities, plea bargains you could consider, and what to expect after a conviction.

By retaining the services of a lawyer, you also increase your ability to have charges dismissed, or at least reduced. If at all possible, an attorney will work toward the reduction of the severity of your sentence. In some cases, a powerful defense can get your jail time substituted for probation.

There is much at stake and it is important to reach out to our Spartanburg criminal defense attorney today to discuss your case and see how we can help!

Trust Our Firm’s Advocacy

At our firm, we know what is needed to provide our clients with resilient advocacy. We patiently obtain all the facts of the case to build a powerful defense on their behalf. You can benefit from the in-depth knowledge we have of criminal defense law.

You can rest assured that the team you choose here at The Brough Law Firm will defend your freedom and future. Contact our criminal defense team at your earliest convenience today!

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